Atomization plant of 5L agriculture drone

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Product Name: Plant protection UAV fogging machine

 Currently, the spraying system of plant protection UAV is mainly composed of pressure nozzle and Centrifugal nozzle. These two sprinkler heads belong to water spray nozzle.

Water mist spray nozzle is difficult to solve the problem of insect killing, because the general water mist spray nozzle spray droplets, either on the surface of the leaves, or into the soil waste, it is difficult to reach the back of the leaves, and Most of the insects of the fruit trees are on the back of the leaves, and the current multi-rotor plant protection UAV is not qualified for the flying defense of the fruit trees.


Advantages of Plant protection UAV, comparing to traditional pressure nozzles or centrifugal aerosol drone

1. Good diffusion

The mist sprays small particles of smoke, resistant to rain, long-lasting, and effective in prevention and control. The smoke is permeated in the surrounding environment of the fruit trees and can be maintained for up to an hour without wind

Over time, all the living pests in the diffuse area were killed (and harmless to human beings), and the effect of the mist spraying machine on the rainy weather was basically unaffected.

2. Spray width

The nozzle spray can achieve maximal amplitude of 8 meters, if USES the autonomous flight, directly set to 8 meters in length, transverse speed setting 3 meters per second, the average efficiency, the maximum daily operating area of about 24 acre

3. Safer for operator, higher efficiency

In order to ensure the flying defense effect of the present multi-rotor plant protection UAV, most of them are flying at a height of 1 meter above the operating height of crops. Improper operation will easily lead to explosion accidents.

At the same time, the smoke agent we use is a medical-grade product, which is not only effective in killing insects, but also harmless to human body.

4. Less medicine

Traditional fruit plant protection is basically carried out through artificial water spraying. Most of the liquid is only covered by the leaf surface and lost to the soil

The 30% pesticide that should use original water drench way can achieve the purpose that plant protects kill bug, save medicine more, save money.

Good compatibility with aircraft

The installation is convenient and quick. It can be installed on the original aircraft foot frame according to the instruction (our company can provide technical guidance), and we can also purchase the all-in-one machine of our smoke aircraft.

5. Applications

All kinds of fruit trees (citrus, apple, pear, goji berries), high-pole crops and so on

Note: the picture of aircraft is for reference only. It does not represent the real object. The actual product is subject to the real object.Medicine cabinet: 3L medicine can operate 15-20 mu of land agent: smoke agent (about 10:1 ratio)

Example matching pesticide)

 Atomization plant of 5L agriculture drone video connection

Atomization plant of 5L agriculture drone
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